Soft Contact Lenses


Dr. Kikunaga and Dr. Mason fit all types of soft contact lenses from all contact lens manufacturers at very competitive pricing.


We fit the contact lens that fits your lifestyle, frequency of wearing, and convenience levels. 


The types of soft contact lenses include:

-- Spherical 

-- Toric / Astigmatism

-- Multifocal


Rigid Gas Permeable 


Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses are made of rigid plastic material and offer the best visual acuity, more deposit resistance, and are much smaller than soft contact lenses. 


The types of rigid gas permeable contact lenses include:

-- Spherical

-- Front or back toric

-- Bitoric

-- Bifocal

Specialty Contact Lenses


Specialty contact lenses require intensive training and knowledge of this category of contact lenses and the reasons why patients need them. Patients with high astigmatism, irregular corneas, keratoconus, or post-surgical corneas are best fit into this category of lenses. 


The types of specialty contact lenses include:

-- Hybrid

-- Semi-scleral

-- Scleral

-- Piggyback